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The locksmith tools

From the olden days till now, a locksmith has one basic task. To install locks on doors, repair them and pick the locks in case of emergency situations. The role of the locksmith maybe have changed and progressed over the years but these are the basic skills that we expect all locksmiths to have.

In order to help them with their tasks of installing, fixing and disabling locks and locking systems all locksmith carry a set of tools. These tools are necessary in order for a locksmith to fulfill all his tasks.

A few kinds of tools are given below

Training kit (for Lock picking) – There is no use of having an extensive collection of lock picking tools if an individual doesn’t know how to use them. This training kit teaches locksmiths how to pick simple locks and how to use their lock picking tools.

Tubular lock pick- a tubular lock is a very common kind of lock that is called the tubular pin tumbler lock. Most tubular locks are similar to each other and there in case they are jammed or the key is locked, the tubular lock pick is effective in picking the lock.

Tension wrench- A tension wrench helps to pick a tumbler/pin or wafer lock. It is very difficult to pick these kinds of locks without a tension wrench.

Lock buster- as the name suggests these tools are effective in opening locked doors and windows.

Hydraulic one man forcible entry tool- these tools are used by firemen and the police in case of emergency situations to access locked windows, doors and the like.